Drive Safer With These Tips

We know things get crazy sometimes and we lose track of time which makes us rush out in the morning. Sometimes we jump into our new Jeep Cherokee and speed away with more on our mind than driving safely. It happens to us all, so we've put together a short list of tips, much like Driver's Ed class. Ready?

  • How far in advance should you signal before turning? The answer is at least 100 feet. We have seen too many drivers turn with no warning, or passing a car out of the blue. It's almost as if they're worried they'll run out of blinker fluid.
  • Maintaining your vehicle is often overlooked and can lead to bad things. If your tires are worn bare or unevenly, you may need them realigned or replaced at our service center. The same goes for lights. Dim, burned out, or crooked lights in the front or rear of your vehicle could cause you to be at a disadvantage.
  • Distracted driving is dangerous, so choose wisely. If your spouse is calling, use your hands-free device or speakerphone. Some new cars even have Bluetooth built in so you can be safer. And no texting. Sorry. Even glancing down for a second could mean disaster. If it can't wait, you can always pull over.
  • We at Jim Knox Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram want you to be safe in our cars, so please maintain a safe speed, and remember to keep a safe distance. The 3 second rule applies (one Mississippi, two Mississippi...) for cars and trucks in normal conditions.

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