What to Take Off-Roading

Off-roading is an adventure for most truck and SUV owners. We at Jim Knox Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram love offering tips for those going for a weekend trip or just out for a few hours around Hillsdale, MI. When you start off-roading, it is best to pack well and prepare ahead of time.

Often off-roading usually includes driving on roads that aren't paved and have ruts, rocks, mud, or dirt that kicks up under your vehicle. Prepare your vehicle by taking a full-sized spare and an easy jack to use. A tow rope is a clever idea too. Going with a group is a fantastic way for a beginner to off-road with support if they have questions.

Take food, water, clothing, and blankets. A first aid kit, shovel, and standard toolset should be in the back of your vehicle as well. A CB radio or a friend with a CB radio is a safe way to communicate when your cell phone is out of range.

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