Don't Waste Your Time with Anything Short of the 2020 Jeep Cherokee

The number one priority for anyone purchasing a new vehicle ought to be the safety ratings of said vehicle. After all, maintaining your safety while out on the road is the only way that you can really feel confident that you are in a good spot for yourself and your family.

There are airbags all over the 2020 Jeep Cherokee. It has more airbags than any other similar-sized vehicle in its class. It packs them in from all angles because the ability to be hit from any angle on the vehicle is always a risk.

Another area where Jeep has really stepped up the game is in the parking assist offerings that it has. The 2020 Jeep Cherokee has no shortage of assist features on it such as the parallel parking assist and the rear-facing camera to help drivers as they move in reverse. Both of these assist in the operation of the vehicle itself tremendously.

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