Sensors on a vehicle's dashboard provide warnings to drivers about problems. The check engine light might be the most well-known of these lights. The tire pressure light, however, may surprise people who never saw it before. The indicator could go on at seemingly unexpected times, such as the day after putting air in the tire.

If the warning light goes off less than 24 hours after adding air, consider the warning welcome. You may have a leak in the tire. Getting the tire checked before driving on Hillsdale, MI highways could be a wise move.

Damage isn't the only reason a tire loses pressure. A tire may lose one psi or every 10 degrees the weather changes. Expect to lose more than one psi per month naturally. At least with the indicator, you'll know when the pressure drops too low.

If your tire pressure warning goes on, feel free to have it checked at Jim Knox Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Our service team can assist you with tires and other work.

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